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The Optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

January 20, 2017

Have you ever thought of a problem you have, as an opportunity with thorns in it or are you just seeing the thorns without admiring the beautiful and colourful rose petals? If you carefully and open-heartedly look at your problem, you will surely see some good sides of it, that can lead you to finding the solution.

Remember that problems come to us because we lack the wisdom in the area of what plagues us. The problem you think you have is an opportunity to learn, discover or invent something new, that the whole world will benefit from.

Put a stop to the excuses, mourning and groaning and instead of saying “why me?” say “why not me?” Your problem has come to YOU,so you can find the solution and share it with the whole wide world. We are all here to make our world a better place.

Note – your are only probably just one step away to your break through. Put an end to being a pessimist and come on, put on your optimistic hat. The solution is closer than you think.


Laura Lyseight



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