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Self-motivated, teen inspirer- Laura Lyseight is now a well sought after teen mentor and best selling author, whose passion is incredibly helping teens break off their limiting believes and wrong perceptions about life and about themselves.

She has become a role model in the lives of many teens, coaching them to create their own success stories.
Her burning zeal to see teens make it in life, has led her to prolifically write life changing and mind transforming books for all teens worldwide, as her books are being translated into other languages.
She appreciates that every teen has a unique talent and at the same time understands that they are in that crucial stage of their lives, where they could easily make or break themselves. She knows there is a fine line between being a success or a failure and recalls vividly the challenges she faced in her teen years.

Laura’s youth enriching resources and books are designed for every area of a teen’s life – ACADEMICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, HEALTH WISE, to say a few.
Teens just love her dynamic, realistic and go-getter approach to life, as she has successfully coached and tutored many students to perform beyond their wildest dreams.

Inspirational and motivational articles coming at you daily.

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